Establishing My Legacy...

What Is Legacy and Memorial Ministry? 

These are “funds or property donated to an institution, individual, or group to produce income”. (i.e. PWCC)

Our Fund’s Purpose and Vision

The purpose and vision of the LM is to strengthen the ongoing witness and mission of Jesus Christ in our Church. It will provide a legacy that will continue far beyond our lifetimes.

Managing My Legacy...

How does it work? 

Your donations to our LM take a completely different path than the regular tithes & offerings to our Church and its Ministries.
 Our tithes and offerings support PWCC’s current needs. The LM is intended to be perpetual; therefore, if requested, only accumulated growth and earnings are intended to be disbursed from the Fund, although principal disbursements are allowed. 

Spending Policy

The LM Fund was created to be originated and expanded by donations and to last in perpetuity. The Committee will prudently spend funds in accordance with the adopted Endowment Policy of PWCC, and intends to safeguard them through wise and stable investments.

Investment Policy

The Fund has a long-term investment horizon. A conservative investment profile will be maintained to preserve the assets of the Fund while also seeking a return.

The Next Step...

You play an important role in sustaining PWCC’s legacy for generations to come. No donation is too small; one hundred donations of $100 go as far as one $10,000 donation.

Making A Donation Today

♦ Cash
♦ Marketable Securities
♦ Charitable RMD (from certain IRAs)

♦ Real Estate
♦ Life Insurance

Making A Donation Of Income

 Charitable Gift Annuity
♦ Charitable Remainder Trust

♦ Charitable Lead Trust

Making A Future Donation

♦ Bequest by Will or Revocable Trust
♦ Retirement Plan Assets
♦ Bank Or Investment Account

Moving Forward...

Please return the ‘Planned Legacy Giving Request’ for additional information.
A member of the Legacy/Memorial Ministry will contact you.


Your donation to the Palm West Community Church Endowment Fund may qualify for an income tax benefit in accordance with Federal and/or State income tax laws.

Please consult with your attorney and/or tax advisor, as appropriate, to determine whether your donation is tax deductible in whole or in part.

Nothing in this communication is intended to constitute legal or tax advice.

All proposed donations are subject to the provisions of the Palm West Community Church Endowment Gift Acceptance Policy.

All requests for confidentiality will be honored. Contact Ministry Chair  
John Sproule, 615-864-6338 or the church office.

Endowment Fund—
Planned Legacy Giving Request

Complete this form, and a member of the Legacy/Memorial Ministry will contact you.