Who We Are


Our Mission

Glorify God by connecting people to Jesus and one another.

Our Vision

We will be a vibrant senior church that follows Jesus and models effective ministry in SCW and the Valley as a whole.

Our Core Values

V ibrant Congregation

We are a senior community church that is vibrant, active and energetic. While challenges may present themselves at this stage of life, we seek to live to the fullest, enjoying each day the Lord gives us.

A lways Growing

While we have a lifetime of experience, we understand that God is always working to grow and change us. Therefore, we are life-long learners who seek to grow in our knowledge and understanding of God and His Word.

L oving Others

We are a loving congregation and care for those inside and outside our church family. We value hospitality, fellowship and compassion as we offer people a place to belong.

U nselfish Generosity

Believing that everything we have is from our generous God, we are generous with our time, financial resources and God given abilities. Just as Christ gave His life, we want to give of ourselves and our blessings for the sake of the Kingdom.

E levating Christ

We put Christ and the Word of God at the heart of everything by prayerfully pursuing His will for ourselves and our church family. We try to follow His teachings in all we say, do and believe.

Our History

Believing in God’s Word and Spirit

Beginning in 1990, Bellevue Heights Church of Sun City envisioned planting a new church in Sun City West. By early 1993 a Core Fellowship was formed and Dr. Bill and Janice Kearns were called to be our church planters.

On September 5, 1993 the core fellowship members were dedicated by Bellevue Heights. The name, Palm West Community Church, was chosen. The word “Palm” was selected because of its abundance in the area and its symbolism in the Bible. “West” designated our location in the valley and “community” denoted the inclusive scope of the ministry. The church would be known as the “People Who Care Church.”

It took only seven months to birth the new church from the first worship service in September 1993 to the signing of the church charter by 106 regular and associate members. Attendance had exceeded 100 by the spring of 1994 and a church building council was selected by the fall of 1994.

Ruth and Bob Hoover (members of Bellevue Heights) made a major financial gift. In recognition of their faithful Christian stewardship, our first building was named Hoover Hall on November 10, 1996. Membership had grown to over 180 and attendance had exceeded 200 when the initial building phase was completed.

Pastor Bill and Janice Kearns’ commitment had ended. Dr. Dave and Mary Ann Gallagher were called as our first full-time pastor in October. By 2003, the membership was 350.

Ministries continued to be birthed to meet the growing opportunities of the church: choral and music ministry, small group ministry, mission fairs, etc.

In 2006 the church approved our leaving the American Baptist Churches and making a new Covenant of Relationships with American Baptist Churches of the Pacific Southwest, which became known as Transformation Ministries.

In 2007 the church expanded with a generous donation from Ernie & Naomi Ehnisz. This gift supported the Worship Center building program and the stained-glass window created by Maureen McQuire, a local artist.

In 2009 Bruce Schipul and his wife, Christy began their ten-year ministry at Palm West. The church continued to grow under his leadership. Pastor Bruce retired in 2019.

In February 2019, Pastor Jim Powell joined our church as Senior Pastor, with a vision of moving our congregation into the next exciting stage of growth.