James Powell

Jim Powell

James H. Powell, II, likes to be called “Jim” or “Pastor Jim” and has served as Lead Pastor at Richwoods Christian Church in Peoria, Illinois for the last 21 years. Jim received his Masters’ Degree in Theology and Philosophy from Lincoln Christian Theological Seminary at Quincy University and was ordained by the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ in 1997 in Denver, Illinois. Jim was called as Senior Pastor of Palm West in late October, 2018 and began his ministry in early March 2019.

Pastor Jim was raised Lutheran but was born again shortly before his 21st birthday. Jim has said that “one night I was at the end of myself and I poured my life out to God and said ‘I will follow you as Lord, not just as Savior.’ The Bible became a new book to me. I immersed myself in the Bible and felt that very night God was calling me to share the Good News with other people.” Jim read the book entitled, Power for Living by Jamie Buckingham that opened his heart to fully surrendering his life to Christ on March 24, 1985. He says that “my eyes were opened and I felt an immediate call into ministry even though I didn’t know what it looked like yet.”

He met his wife through a youth group while in college. He married Stephanie, who is an educator and now is disabled, requiring a wheelchair. Jim and Stephanie have two sons: Timothy, 18, graduating from high school in the Spring of 2019, and Trevor, 14, entering high school as a Freshman in the Fall of 2018.

Position: Senior Pastor 
(623) 546-2980