Outreach Ministry

Our Mission – Reach the Lost & Searching

Welcome and encourage others to welcome visitors to the church and church events

Meet visitors in their homes to welcome them to the church

Encourage visitors to engage in church activities

Encourage visitors to become church members

Pray for and witness to the unchurched for the purpose of dedicating (or rededicating) their lives to Christ

Coordinate with other ministries in the church to present an outward invitation to community members to engage in Christian fellowship.

Future Events

It’s Not the Programs, It’s the Purpose that Matters

Meet People Where They Are and Bring Them to Christ

Be In the World, Not Of the World

Veteran and Community Servant Recognition

Chili Cook Off – New Year’s Celebration

Quick Link for Outreach Reports

Outreach Visitation Response Form (online)

Slide December 2018

Over 900 pairs of socks for the following organizations
Turning Leaf Organization – Faith House
(for battered women and their children)
Neighborhood Ministries
(targeting the homeless living on the streets)
Dream Center – A Place Where Hope Lives
(for the women changing their lives
through the power and love of Jesus Christ)