Slide Mission Offerings

Our Mission Offerings

We tithe (12%) of all General Fund giving automatically to Missions.
We also tithe (at least 10%) of year-end General Fund surplus to Missions.

We also receive directed/designated giving by our congregation that is given to Missions (over our mission budget). Each mission group we support is approved as a nonprofit ministry as approved by the IRS.

In addition to our regular mission giving, we also receive special Mission offerings:For International Ministries (each fall)
1. For support of Transformation Ministries and special projects like New Church Planting (generally received in winter)
2. Emergency Relief Fund (ERF) to support Christian endeavors and recovery efforts following disasters (when the need arises)
3. We take collections for Operation Christmas Child, for Hope Bags for local Women’s Shelters, and support our US troops at Christmas.
4. Easter and Christmas offerings are often designated in support of selected missions.

Emergency Relief Fund

Our church has an Emergency Relief Fund (ERF) to provide relief for tragedies worldwide and those that occur in our country. We partner with those Christian organizations (One Great Hour of Sharing, Samaritans Purse, World Vision or Church World Service) that can most effectively get the resources to the places of need.

We will receive one major offering a year. This fund will carry over each new year and always be ready to help. Anyone can give at any time of the year using your regular offering envelope. Just mark the portion for ERF. This Fund will be managed by the Missions Ministry of our church.

When a crisis occurs, the Missions ministry will determine the amount to give and the organization that is best prepared to respond to the crisis. The Mission Ministry will alert the congregation to a specific need for any additional gifts they would like to make and will report the use of this Fund on a regular basis.


Our church is very committed to supporting missions across the street and across the world. We tithe our general offerings to support several mission organizations. We also list several nationwide and worldwide organizations that we support through designated offerings or through specific donations throughout the world.