Missions - National

Transformation Ministries

A growing movement of churches, submitted to Biblical authority, empowering each other to effectively reach their worlds for Jesus Christ, currently about 170 churches throughout the Pacific Southwestern states. Their focus is on three priorities: leader development, church health, and kingdom multiplication.
Our congregation affiliates with Transformation Ministries. To learn more click here.

UIM Aviation

UIM Aviation provides logistic support to missionaries, Mexican and native pastors, and medical personnel who are ministering to the isolated tribal people of Mexico. In the rugged Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico, UIMA pilots fly over hundreds of people groups who are unaware of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We partner with like-minded organizations such as Bible translators, medical institutions, and local churches to efficiently reach Native people groups with the Gospel. A 24-minute flight can save up to 8-12 hours of travel by car, foot or boat. This can be life saving in critical medical evacuations. To learn more click here.

Village Missions

Supporting small rural congregations throughout the United States. Village Missions exists to glorify Jesus Christ by developing spiritually vital churches in rural North America. The objective is to reach the entire community; therefore, denominational issues are avoided. The missionary/pastor is to become an integral part of community life, winning the friendship and confidence of the people. He is to be the spiritual leader, providing opportunity for all to hear and respond to the Gospel. To learn more click here.