Men's Ministries

Men’s Bible Study will meet on Zoom at 10:30 am on Mondays.


All the men of the church are welcome to this group. The men study both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Men’s Fellowship
To all men of Palms West: (members and regular attending non-members). As with many groups at Palm West, the Men’s Fellowship is by and far the men of Palm West. It is not top-down, but a grassroots ministry. I ask each of you, What should Men’s Fellowship be? What should be included or not? What about breakfast? (While breakfast is attractive in helping men attend it is also labor intensive and may prevent volunteers to say yes.)

It’s time again to consider the future of Men’s Fellowship – there is no meeting currently planned for September or the months that follow. This is the time to hear from men who have ideas, desires for something significant for men. Please contact Pastor Bruce by calling the church or emailing him about what you think, what you like, what would improve the fellowship or even if you think it is time to suspend Men’s Fellowship all-together. Then, if you can help in any way, even if it is only once, let Pastor Bruce know. If at least a few men respond positively, he will plan a men’s gathering and encourage men to attend to and dream about what might be. I hope that every man will pray for God’s leading of our men, and for each man to ask, “Lord show me what you would have me do, show me how I can encourage other men at our church to know and serve our Lord and find friendship with other men.”