Traditional Music Ministry

Congregational Singing

We sing classic hymns, Gospel hymns, and appropriate modern songs. Our singing focuses on what God offers us and our response of gratitude to Him. God is the focus of worship.
Do you have singing or ringing experience? Consider joining the Chancel Choir or Bells of Praise handbell ensemble.
Click here to send us an email at Music Ministry

Chancel Choir

The Chancel Choir sings every Sunday morning from September through May. They also help teach new songs and hymns to the congregation and present seasonal concerts and thematic programs.

If you are a singer who desires to glorify God and minister to others, consider participating in our wonderful choir. Rehearsals are every Thursday at 3:00-4:30 PM (mid-August through May).
Click here to send us an email at Music Ministry

Celebration Bells

Celebration Bells – our handbell choir practices each Friday (October through April) at 9:00 AM and participates in worship about once a month. We have a five octave set of Malmark handbells and hand chimes.


If you are a skilled band or orchestra instrumentalist, please contact Pastor Joe at (623) 546-2980 or click here to send us an email at Music Ministry

Our Keyboard Instruments

We praise God for our fine instruments dedicated to the glory of God to enhance our worship.

Organ – Rodgers Trillium 957 series digital interface organ, with MX-200 Midi Module, capable of reproducing many orchestra and percussive instruments

Piano – 8 foot Seiler (German made) concert grand piano

The Oasis Project

The Oasis Project at Palm West provides an opportunity to turn away from the worries and challenges of life for a time and rest in God’s presence through music and worship.  The Oasis Project presents special music and worship experiences, concerts and recitals throughout the year.