Pastor Bruce

BrucecasualBruce Schipul, Senior Pastor

What an amazing privilege to serve such a vibrant congregation! I have grown so much in my own personal walk with Christ by seeing individuals reflect their own growth in the Lord.  I am encouraged and challenged to share the skills and gifts that God has given, to Him be the glory.

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Outside Ministries:
I serve as a volunteer for Transformation Ministries. This gives me opportunities to serve the wider church in the following areas:

  • Participate in a pastor mentor group of Arizona pastors that encourages accountability and character, content and competencies as pastors.
  • A member of the Sun City West Alliance of Business and Community
  • Maintain supportive relationship with Indian Ministry churches that serve the Hopi and Yavapai-Apache people in Arizona.

Hobbies and Interests: 

While I enjoy working with art, photography, many forms of music, I enjoy hiking into the mountains and canyons of Arizona and other surrounding states. Such adventures help me stay physically and mentally fit, and experiencing solitude with God’s creation helps me stay spiritually fit.  I am a member of the Four Thousand Footers Mountain Club of New Hampshire, Member of  the One Hundred Highest Club of New England, Member of the Long Trail of Vermont (having completed the entire 267 miles trail from the Canadian border to the Massachusetts border.  I am also a frequent hiker of the Grand Canyon, and the Superstition wilderness of Arizona.

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