Shoebox – FAQ

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  1. Can any box be used to fill? Yes, but try to use the plastic boxes supplied by the Church. A dollar donation to pay for the box is appreciated.
  2. What categories should one consider? There are three categories for boys and three for girls. Ages 2-4, 5-9, and 10-14.
  3. What is the approximate cost to fill a box? Approximately $15.00 will fill a box with $1.00 items. The best place to shop for items is the Dollar Tree Store on 99th Avenue and Greenway. All items are $1.00.
  4. Can a monetary donation be made since I don’t like to shop or can’t get out to shop? Yes. The committee will shop for those who can’t do it themselves. Checks should be made payable to Palm West Community Church and in the remarks put “Shoebox Ministry.” Please do so as soon as possible so the committee can complete the shopper’s list.
  5. Where should I place the label designating whom I bought for? Tape it to the lid after the box is filled. Be sure to complete the Donation Form and put a check in the box for $7.00 for shipping. The check should be made payable to Palm West Community Church.
  6. Can I send candy or food items? No, because of spoilage or out-of-date items.

“Pack your shoebox with love, send it with prayer, and share the Good News of Jesus Christ with a hurting child. That’s the power of a simple gift.” Franklin Graham, President, Samaritan’s Purse

Thank you for your generous support.

“Children are God’s precious jewels – help them shine for Christ.”