Missions Across the Street and Across the World

Reaching Our World for Christ
Our Missions Team is concerned for those who do not know Jesus Christ, whether they live across the street or across the world. We meet monthly to consider how to share the Gospel, to pray for those who do not know Him, and to decide how to promote the Good News.

We also take seriously the need to financially support missions.

Our church has a policy that 12% of all General Fund giving automatically is placed into the Missions budget. The Missions Team has set up the various organizations and missionaries that we support, as approved by the congregation.

If at the end of the calendar year there is a General Fund surplus for that year, then an additional percent is directed toward Missions. Special Missions designated offerings by our members and donors is also available (subject to IRS regulations).

We take Annual Mission Offerings:

    1. World Missions (October)
    2. Transformation Ministries (Winter)
    3. Emergency Relief Fund (Spring or at times of crisis)

Approved List for Offering Designations

This list is our approved support list of recognized and approved ministries individuals may donate to through their regular offerings.

Zion Evangelical Ministries Africa: Emanuelsons
Gayle Lyn Kliever Student Fund
Specific International Ministries Missionaries
Samaritans Purse (Shoebox Ministry)
World Vision International
Operation Mobilization
International Teams
Rainbow Acres Adopt-A-Rancher

Our Mission Budget Designations

You will find additional information about these various ministries in our Mission Webpages by clicking the location title below:

Local and Statewide:
Indian Ministries: support churches in
Camp Verde, Clarkdale, Polacca, and Kykotsmovi, Camp Verde
Rainbow Acres, Camp Verde
Tonto Rim Christian Camp, Payson
Gospel 4 Kids,
Valley View Community Food Bank
Transformation Ministries,
Village Missions,
United Indian Missions Aviation,
Friends of Israel (Pat Neff)
International Ministries:
Nzunga (Haiti)
Kalkman (Europe)
Mann (Matt and Lori) – Thailand)
Mann (Mike & Becky, Thailand, Laos)

Carrion-Joseph (Mexico)
Bethell (Respnding to Human Tafficking)
Baptist World Alliance
Emanuelson (So. Africa)
Reach Beyond
Voice of the Martyrs
Missionary Aviation Fellowship (MAF)